Rubbish Websites That Nobody needs


Special Award for "Biggest Fail" is an obvious choice as the most rubbish website. Whether or not you support Obama Care doesn't matter here. You don't create a website that is this important to peoples' lives and have it mess up like this. Shame on the people who originally put this together. Shame on you.

This Racing School promises to teach you the best racing techniques. Doesn't the design make one wonder if the skills that they are teaching are as out of date as their design? Animated Gifs, centered flashing text, centered bullet lists - this site has it all. Compare this to a properly designed racing school website such as this one. Where would you rather spend your money?

"Clutter Free"

Amongst other things this website is trying to sell you books that help you to "clear clutter". But then look at the website. You have all possible colors. Huge dropshadows and text all over the place without any structure. Why would I believe this site would help me clean up clutter in my living room?

The site that makes you go "D'oh"

First of all let's ignore the fact that this is not actually a wiki. Apparently there are pople who need help with their Hotmail Login or GMail Login. While we can understand that some sites might not be very easy to use it doesn't get any easier than just entering your username and password into a big box. Hotmail and GMail actually both have pretty clean designs so finding the login box can't be that hard. I have no idea whether this website is some kind of satire or not.

Bolen Report

High Quality Consiracy

This is a fantastic example of the 1996 internet school of design. The quality of the design matches the content though. For the Bolen Report Vaccination. "There is NO Question - Vaccines are Unsafe and Ineffective. The whole US Vaccine Program is a Scam. A murderous filth-encrusted Scam designed to damage America as a nation."
Right. Of course this will repeat the old argument that vaccines cause autism which is linked to study which has long since been retracted.